We have been involved in the repair, restoration and reproduction of many external stucco fronted façades throughout London & the Midlands over the past 36 years.  We have repaired and reproduced damaged, neglected and lost architectural mouldings & features to external stucco façades.


Over the years we have restored a wide variety of stucco styles from Georgian & Regency & Victorian London. A few examples  of our repairs are porticoes, pediments, cornices, pilasters, columns, ashlar block work and vermiculated block work. The work we carry out is produced in the traditional manner of running in situ mouldings and casting decorative items & enrichments. In our restoration we use a combination of stucco materials which range from Roman cement,vicat products, natural cements, natural hydraulic limes, Portland cements and high calcium fat limes.


Our team works closely with Westminster City Council, IHBC, Institute of conservation, Buildings lime forum & the Worshipful Company of Plaisterers giving practical demonstrations in the use of traditional building materials. 


  We can also provide an on-site survey of your façades and carry out an analysis of the existing stucco mortar to identify its content.